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Rustic Planks With A Story

The Elsasser Homestead founded in the 1890’s was created from the dream of two brothers moving West. Read the history behind our rustic planks and their origin.

The Tilted Barn - Meat & Cheese Boards

Our Meat & Cheese Boards are truly one of a kind. Each cedar board was carefully removed from the walls of the Elsasser Homestead house that was built in the late 1890’s. 

Each reclaimed board is handcrafted, leaving all of the markings from the saw and the square nails. You can have a unique piece of history in your home that is also very functional.

Our boards are lightly sanded and oiled using a food grade mineral oil. These boards are made for serving snacks, not necessarily for cutting. However, any extra marks will add to it’s uniqueness.


Stories & Blog

Reclaimed Show Pieces

Reclaimed Show Pieces

We have been working with some mica and epoxy to get these amazing colors in our reclaimed wood. While they aren't quite ready for the sales floor, we wanted to share because we are getting excited! One of our old white pine, live edge boards from a fruit farm in...

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting

If you haven’t read about the amazing property and reclaiming project at the Elsasser Homestead, go read that HERE for the backstory. This is a fun post to share some of our treasures from that “expedition”. Just as we were ready to put away our tools, we found the...

Elsasser Brothers Homestead

Elsasser Brothers Homestead

Back in 1890, two brothers left Chicago with their families and headed West to Sandpoint, Idaho to become hunters and fur traders. Once here, they realized there was more money to be made in timber work and contracting. Along with mining and orchard farming, that was...

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