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Live Edge Side Table


This beautiful Lodgepole Pine slab was ‘rescued’ from our back hill. The curves are so beautiful we call it the flower table. Or maybe you’d call it a clover. Either way, it is quite unique and no other one like it around!

You can have both a table AND a piece of furniture with a story. Oliver Family Farms have been logging timbers up here in North Idaho since the early 1900’s. We found these unique slabs from one of the Oliver Brothers and he was gracious enough to let us purchase a few. (please see other listings for different designs)

This table measures: 25″ High with three legs attached. 5″ thick slab that measures 22″ at widest diameter.

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The scientific name Pinus contorta is inspired from the coastal form which is frequently "contorted" by the wind. The common name lodgepole is inspired by the interior subspecies which grows tall and straight, and was used as teepee poles by Native Americans.

We love stories with our pieces.....and this one was grown right here in our own backyard! We hope you enjoy!

*Please note that the ivy and neat old books and cup of coffee won't be shipped with your table! ?

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 25 in